Circle of Fate


Hush can you hear it now? I can hear you screaming.
Loud enough to drown out my tears. (Dry my tears)

Tore it all away from me.  Can’t you feel me seething?
Your soul, it cries out in my head. (‘Round my head)

And it says, feed me. Heal me.
Kill me.  Free me.

A confession from your lips? I can see you’re bleeding.
Deep down within me, I know. (Now I know)

His soul said, feed me. Heal me. (Heal my soul)
It said, feed me. Heal me.
Free me...
This time, I know.
Deep down, I know.

I’m afraid no longer now.  I can feel it nearing.
Introduce you to the pain I know so well. (Know so well)

It’s alive inside your mind. Allow it to consume you.
Welcome to a well-deserved, living hell.
Can you feel this? (Can you feel this?)

Feed me. Heal me.
Kill me.  Release me.



Alanna Vilane © copyright 2011